Overdraft Courtesy

Overdraft Courtesy

Overdraft Courtesy may provide certain account holders in "good standing" with the ability to overdraft their personal checking account up to $500.00.

If the account has been open at least Sixty (60) days and maintained in good standing

Caldwell Bank & Trust may, at our sole discretion, pay overdrafts up to the limits mentioned above, including our normal Non Sufficient Fund (NSF) and/or Overdraft (OD) charge(s).

Overdraft Courtesy offers additional flexibility and convenience in managing accountholder funds, and provides peace of mind knowing that checks may be paid up to the authorized overdraft courtesy limit.

This non-contractual courtesy or paying overdrafts requires no accountholder action. It is not a loan and no additional agreements need to be signed, and the cost is nothing unless the privilege is used – by initiating checks, electronic funds transfers, or other payment or withdrawal request for more than is on deposit in the account. If you maintain the account in good standing and have need for this “courtesy”, we may, at our sole discretion, pay the checks up to the authorized limit, and we will charge the account our normal NSF and/or OD charge for each item that overdraws the account. We will send you a notice each time an overdraft occurs.

Overdraft Courtesy is another convenience, and another good reason, for banking with Caldwell Bank and Trust Company.

Please read the policy that accompanies this disclosure, to further clarify any questions. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to call Customer Service or your Account Officer.

Caldwell Bank & Trust Overdraft Courtesy Policy

It is the policy of our bank to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and to conduct business in a safe and sound manner.

Insufficient balances may result from:

This feature is available only to personal accounts (excluding Money Market accounts) for personal and household use. We may limit the number of accounts eligible for Overdraft Courtesy to one account per household. Additionally, we reserve the right to not approve any overdrafts against any account until we can verify that the account is being maintained in good standing, as defined above.

Account Fees

Whether we pay or return a Non-Sufficient Fund item, a per item fee of $26.00 will be charged to your account as a Non-Sufficient Fund or Overdraft Charge, as set forth in our Schedule of Fees Disclosure. Also, a continuous overdraft fee of $2.50 per day will be charged beginning the second consecutive day of the overdraft.

Overdraft Courtesy Disclaimer

The Bank’s Overdraft courtesy plan is a non-contractual courtesy and is discretionary. It is not an obligation of the bank and the bank may refuse to provide the overdraft courtesy on any personal checking account at any time and from time to time. The account holder does not have a contractual right to overdraft courtesy and overdraft courtesy is not guaranteed by the Overdraft Courtesy plan.